Boundary Surveys & Plats

Boundary or property surveys involve the reestablishment of existing right-of-way, easement and property lines under the direction of a licensed Land Surveyor and are a requirement for all types of land development, transportation projects, and building projects.

JMT technicians are well versed in all phases of deed and right-of-way research, using both courthouse and internet resources to gather existing title information, and the generation of property mosaics prior to performing property surveys. Upon completion of the research and mosaic, our field surveyors search and locate existing property monumentation and any other features indicating lines of possession. The existing boundary lines are then reestablished and a boundary plat produced per specific state standards. Upon completion of the boundary plat, monuments are placed at all corners where existing monumentation was not found.  JMT's key to providing quality boundary surveys is an experienced staff with multiple licensed surveyors. JMT has surveyors licensed in the following states: Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, West Virginia, North Carolina, Connecticut, Ohio, and the District of Columbia. All property surveys adhere to the specific state standards, including field procedures, plat preparation and property corner monumentation.  JMT has the flexibility of providing multiple field crews throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, enabling rapid responses to client requests for all boundary surveying needs.


Penns Landing 2S

Penn’s Landing Redevelopment Study

JMT evaluated the feasibility of a proposed waterfront revitalization in Philadelphia.

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MSHA Open-End Metes and Bounds Plats

JMT performed field and office survey operations to support the generation of metes and bounds plats throughout Maryland.

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USDA Right of Way Easement Surveying Services

JMT provided right-of-way and field survey services throughout the state of Delaware to support several National Resources Conservation Service programs.

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Land Surveying for USFWS

JMT provided the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service with a variety of surveying services.

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