Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is a broad field with many facets. Monitoring of mitigation sites to determine the success of compensatory mitigation provided under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act for unavoidable impacts to jurisdictional resources is just one. With the increase in potential for exposure to various types of contamination or potentially hazardous materials, environmental monitoring is recognized as an essential activity for many projects to prevent degradation of environmental resources. Regulatory statutes and local ordinances can dictate restrictions on noise and emissions. Many projects require an environmental monitoring component to ensure that activities associated with the project do not exceed baseline conditions and comply with all environmental permit requirements. This is especially so for large infrastructure projects, many of which are design/build and require significant environmental compliance and management programs.

JMT's team of environmental scientists and specialists develop and implement baseline, pre-construction, and post-construction environmental monitoring plans for all types of projects. We provide environmental monitoring to establish baseline conditions during the project planning phase and continue monitoring through design, permitting, construction, and mitigation to ensure regulatory compliance and to protect project interests. JMT's scientists and engineers are also experienced in collaborating to provide solutions to problems identified through environmental monitoring, which is particularly important to ensure the success of compensatory mitigation sites.

JMT has a wealth of experience and knowledge of performing environmental monitoring and providing assessments based upon standardized field methods. JMT provides the following environmental monitoring services to meet the needs of our clients:

  • Post-construction monitoring of compensatory mitigation sites (wetlands and streams)
  • Rare, threatened and endangered species populations
  • Groundwater/surface water quality
  • Terrestrial and aquatic biota
  • Habitat
  • Invasive species populations
  • Reforestation
  • NPDES/stormwater sampling
  • Environmental construction inspection
  • Noise, traffic, and air quality


11th Street Corridor Design/Build


Washington, D.C.

JMT was the lead designer for the contractor team for this $376 million design-build project, the largest construction project in DDOT history.

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