The world's growing population, an ever-increasing demand for energy and energy independence, global pressure on natural resources, and concerns regarding climate change all are transforming the energy marketplace.  Traditional methods and technology coupled with consumer needs and concerns related to energy exploration, generation, transmission and distribution, as well as usage are changing.  Now more than ever, our clients are faced with the challenges of regulatory compliance, environmental stewardship and demands for reducing energy consumption while minimizing costs and meeting industry efficiency and safety standards.

Our commitment to the marketplace is to provide energy solutions that enable our clients to achieve success.  Our strength comes from combining the talents of professionals with decades of experience in various disciplines who understand the needs of energy clients and owners. JMT provides a variety of consulting, engineering and construction management services.

Oil and Gas Support Solutions:

  • Land and Right-of-Way Services
  • Surveying & Mapping
  • Environmental Studies, Permitting & Remediation
  • Upstream, Midstream & Downstream Site Design
  • Transportation Services
  • Water Source Locating and Resource Services
  • Facility Design
  • Construction Management & Inspection Services

Environmental & Sustainable Solutions:

  • Energy Efficient HVAC & Electrical Design
  • Design of Renewable Energy Systems & Support Systems
  • ESCO Review and Support
  • Systems Commissioning
  • Energy Audits and Assessments