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Leatherman's Run Wastewater Retrofit Prioritization

Location: Newark, Delaware Client: Delaware Department of Transportation

JMT helped restore and realign approximately 1,000 feet of stream within the South Christiana watershed. 

The Leatherman's Run project in the South Christiana watershed consisted of the restoration and realignment of approximately 1,000 feet of stream within property owned by both the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) and Christiana High School.

JMT's responsibilities included a sewer basin study, and stream restoration to realignment of the channel to provide a better approach into the existing I-95 culvert and an adjacent overhead transmission line.  Two exposed sanitary sewer crossings within the project limits were protected by the proposed restoration work. 

Typical of 20th century sewer interceptor alignments, interceptors and trunk sewers in both South Christiana and Mill Creek basins are subject to impacts from stream channel migration due to their alignment and siting of manholes and hydraulic structures.

Project efforts included an existing conditions stream assessment, geomorphic analysis, hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, preparation of conceptual plan, profile and typical sections, and a stream design report. An analysis was performed to determine the target pollutant removal efficiency of the proposed improvements to quantify achievement goals for DelDOT's NPDES permit.

The proposed project site and retrofit practice were chosen based on review of a watershed study for Leatherman's Run prepared by others and recommendations were provided for the selected retrofit to provide water quality improvements within the watershed.  The proposed project will include stream bank stabilization, floodplain/wetland creation and forebays for stormdrain outfalls from the high school.  Also included in the channel restoration is realignment of the channel within the property owned by DelDOT so as to provide a better approach alignment into the existing culvert under I-95 and adjacent to a large transmission line tower.  Two sanitary sewer crossings within the project limits will also be protected by the proposed stream restoration work. 

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