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Injured Workers Insurance Fund Building Renovations

Location: Towson, Maryland Client: Injured Workers Insurance Fund

JMT designed the complete architectural and engineering interior reconfiguration and renovation for this four-story, 90,000 sf headquarters building with three-level parking garage. 

Building renovation design services were provided across three phases:

The schematic phase architectural and engineering services included the development of options for the siting of the new elevator tower, the interior reconfiguration and the development of a comprehensive building systems evaluation.  For both elements, multiple alternatives were developed.  The following is a summary of the major elements:

  • Elevator Tower: Development of options included delivery traffic circulation, accessibility to employees and general aesthetic impact on the building.  A new elevator tower located on the left side of the building was selected by the owner.
  • Interior Reconfiguration: The interior of the building was primarily configured with exterior offices and interior cubicles.  The floor plan configuration did not allow natural light to penetrate into the interior of the building.   The schematic phase of the project developed floor plan options for the reconfiguration of the space to allow as much natural light into the building interior, while maintaining the space planning and office needs of the organization.
  • Building Systems: The building systems, including the HVAC, electrical and fire alarm systems were almost 15 years old and required renovation.  A comprehensive life-cycle based analysis of the options available was developed and presented.  The owner elected to convert the building from an electric heating source to a gas fired system with complete DDC controls.


Complete architectural and engineering contract documents were developed in four months.  Close coordination between the architectural and engineering members of the team was required.   

The construction of the project was phased in five sections, relocating 380 of the potential 400 employees throughout the building.  The members of the A/E design team were responsible for progress meetings, RFI, shop drawing review and coordination directly with the contractor and subcontractors.  IWIF remained fully operational throughout the project.


JMT provided engineering design of mechanical and electrical systems associated with the relocation and implementation of the main data center.   The electrical component included the relocation of the emergency power distribution backbone and design for an expanded UPS. The mechanical components included a CRAC unit utilizing a glycol cooler.

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