Trout M

In 2010, I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech and accepted a full-time position with JMT in the Structures Department.   The two years prior, I spent interning with JMT, gaining first-hand, practical experience not taught in the classroom or learned from a textbook. This experience was vital to my education because it allowed me to complement my classroom learning with field experience.

As an intern, JMT introduced me to many aspects of bridge inspection and design, which allowed me the opportunity to work alongside and learn from those who have been in the industry all their lives.  Now, I am a member of a field crew, working alongside the same people who trained me, performing in-depth, 100% hands-on inspections on all types of bridges, culverts, tunnels and overhead sign structures owned and maintained by our clients.

My job requires personal interaction with clients, sub-consultants, contractors and colleagues within other disciplines at JMT, allowing me to use both my technical and interpersonal skills.  I found myself quickly picking up on terminology and familiarizing myself with state standards, specifications and safety regulations. Because of these experiences, my creativity is challenged every day when performing bridge studies, designing defect repairs and developing reports, plan sets, special provisions and estimates that are clear, organized and concise.

JMT has presented me with opportunities to work in all project stages under the guidance of my co-workers which has enabled me to work proficiently and with confidence.

My quality of work, expanded knowledge and accomplishments can be directly accredited to every member of the JMT family, but especially those I work side-by-side with every day. I love my job and look forward to a long and fulfilling career at JMT.